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This is our group gear page

we aquired 1k gold from osprey
we have 3 potions of cure light
1 cure serious
1 travelers cloak of wilderness + to stealth in woods
golembane scarab – holly
bag of holding type 1 -holly
survival guide from osprey.
Extra dimensional tent + deactivation ring, can percieve things outside the tent
7 birdfeather tokens\
30000 gold from Alec Susteen.
26481 left

We bought

1 safe for 420 gold

mages spellbook
dead +2 to research about dead using arcane or religion
ospreys journal
3 journals purchased
ospreys book in tent
>>related to town +religious order
>survival guide

Rabbit hide

10-8-15: 1400 gold in donations from previous games party.

Group: 10-22-15 updated 11-19.

1400 gold from donations

1-28-16- sold +2 magic shield and masterwork scale mail for a total of 2160 gold

bought old map book for 400 gold
bought 3 bird tokens for 810
total is 2350

In the back-pack of the dead guy in the temple
Bag of Holding 2 – Kit
Scroll of Owls Wisdom Mass 6th level spell 11th level caster
Scroll of gust of wind 2nd Level spell 3rd level caster
Scroll of Magic Circle of protection against Evil 3rd level spell 5th level caster
Scroll of Protection from energy 3rd level spell 5th level caster
+2 Merciful Light Crossbow
Belt of physical prefection +2 – Moira
Blessed Book
Amulet of the Planes
Basic Thieves tools and other odds and ends that we already have
Journal with about a week worth of writing

Group Gear

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