The Hunters of the Dark

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True Adventure Log

Late Summer August 1st

Leader Captain Bellatros



Trix-Knowledge of everything

Strife-Faye Creatures

Town: Farfell (fising village small) north of Fodeta(map in front cover of Kingdom of Kalamar book)

As far as the town knows we were an adventuring group who brought the old place on the water. (which the order built) The captain runs the mail house in the village and is in charge of information tranfers for the order. As far as the town knows he is a retired war vet. The place that we are staying in is fully furnished but does not have any provisions.

Made a deal with a local farmer to have him deliver veggies to us once a week for 10 gold. We need to let him know when we are going out of town so that he doesn’t deliver that week. The general store is not much to speak of. There is a tailor and an herbalist(witch)-doctor she is a little old lady that seems to be much stonger then usual for a little old lady. There are many fishing boats including some attached to our docks which we aren’t sure exactly what the deal is.

The neighboring village to the west is Tilden which is more flat land and they have grazing animals. There is also a son and his mother west of town on the way to the next town the mother is getting on in years on the edge of town who has lots of grains and they are also friends with the neighboring village.

The house seems to be very clean and well cared for there is a stove but no pots and pans.

The town to the eats is Woodsong has a baker and animal farmers and butchers and a blacksmith.

The town to the west we don’t know the name of but they raise animals to trade not to butcher and they are the ones that have the grazing animals.

We went into the woods to get fire wood and heard a sound. Ferness snuck off right away and then Trix went after him. Kit just hunkered down to wait it out and see what happens. Trix found Ferness and then saw that it was Strife in the woods. Ferness heard Trix and thought that she was what they had heard earlier. Trix thought it would be funny to mess with Ferness by throwing rocks at him he freaked out and climbed up a tree. In the end we got fire wood.

The farmer had delivered a basket of berries and veggies that should last us a week. We made Rabbit stew and plan on keeping the rabbit hide to trade.

There is a knock at the door and there are three mid to late 40s mid to late 20s and a younger boy. They have fish that they have been saving up to give to the new owners of the house and the dock to pay for being able to use the dock for their boats.

Ferness puts up a hammock and bolts everything down. Trix Strife and Kit settle in for the night setting up bedrolls.

The next morning Trix wakes up first and notices that Strife’s door is already open and he is not in his room and as far as she can tell he isn’t in the house. She grabs some food and chills out in the only area with windows then she sees that Strife is sitting out on the dock. Next Ferness gets up and starts making breakfast for people. Kit finally gets up and Strife comes back in. The group discusses the plan now that the house is all set up. Ferness suggests to clean the place a little more. We also think that making the attic space into a training area and creating bookshelves along one wall (about 30ft) to start our library. Strife, Trix and Kit clean the house and Ferness helps but goes out for an hour or two to tour around the town and meet people. He pretty much figures out the same things that Trix and Kit found out the day before going around town.

The next day we start working on the training area in the attic. Ferness goes to try and get some more supplies from the Captain and is pretty much told that getting all the things that we need ourselves is part of the training.

Trix goes to help the herbalist and plans on doing that once a day for a few hours. She figures out that the herbalist doesn’t charge anyone for the care she gives but in exchange the town clothes her and feeds her and helps her to get any supplies that mmay be out of town.

The 4th day in town we head out to Woodsong. As we approch the town we see that out on most of the porches there are empy pie tins everywhere and the pie tins are all empty and they are filped over and laying on the ground there are bread loaf pans and empy dishes all over the place and all empy except crumbs. It is also like this in front of all the buisnesses as well. There are just a few places that still have food out. There is an inn there but it is like half the size of our place. We choose to go to the Inn for lunch and head to the blacksmith to get nails. There is a large muscular man with long hair and a long beard at the forge and there is a girl who could almost be pretty but she is very muscular, and has short hair and is super dirty. We get 5 coppers worth of nails.

The town has a carpenter and a general store that has alot more to sell. We get a weapon rack for 1 silver. There we find out that the town has a sorcer and we head there. Which is the only two story residence. A 13 year old boy answers the door. Trix goes inside and gets all the herbs that she needs to bring back to the herbalist. (her name is Betty) The sorcer’s name is Drathial.

We head to the Inn for Lunch Ferness pays 14 silver for lunch and information we find out that during the month of August they leave out food to prevent things from disappearing from their houses. All of the farmers come in together to have lunch and they are talking about how good the year has been one farmer mentions that he lost a few chickens to foxes or something. Then we over hear that Drathial’s cat was killed while in his house and there we barely any of the bones left. Apparently he has been really upset for the last two days and hasn’t been sleeping.

We plan to go back home, Trix drops off the herbs and talks with the herbalist about the fact that Drathial’s cat was killed Betty says that the gypsy say that the things come and as long as you leave sweets by the door then everything is fine. But if not then it has even been know for small children to be nothing but bones in the morning. Bakhna rakhna is what Trix thinks that they are and she knows that their blood is posinous. They devoure what ever they choose if there isn’t sweets left out.

Trix sends a letter out about what she thinks it is and talks with the captain about what she thinks it is. He says that we should take care of it but to try and not disturb how the villagers live. Do not let them know that there is a problem.

We walk to the town without our horses and get there just after sunset. Ferness climbs onto the roof of the sorcer’s house. Kit stays on the ground near by. Trix and Strife hide together somewhere else so we can spread out. Ferness sees one first it eats the sweets on the porch of one house and then goes under the porch. He motions to Kit and she then can see it under the porch eating crumbs. Eventually she sees it disappear into the ground.

Strife and Trix see two of them go up to a house and then they notice that the people in the house forgot to leave sweets out. The Bakhna rakhna hold up their hand and then they go right through the wood of the door into the house. Trix and Strife tried throwing a rock at the house but it didn’t wake up the people in the house. So Trix ran up and knocked on the door. Strife saw the Bakhna rakhna run out of the house and he ran after them. Ferness saw Strife run and ran after him. Trix hears running and yelling coming from inside and she opens up the unlocked door to find the father of the house standing over his daughter who’s arm is almost eaten. The daughter’s eyes are open and moving around. Trix heals her arm but she still seems to be paralyzed. She found a dart of some sort under the bed. The wife had gone running for the sorcer. But the sorcer didn’t answer. Trix then went running to the sorcer’s house and frantically knocks on the door and then breaks a window in the second story and climbs in. The sorcer’s bed looks unselpt in so she goes downstairs where she see’s the sorcer’s body unconsious on the floor. He has a lot of darts in him. There are a bunch of bodies of the Bakhna rakhna on the floor around him one is even on fire. Trix takes one body upstairs to the alchemist lab and works on making an antidote for the poison. Ferness and Strife come back. Ferness climbs into the same window and Stife asks Kit what she is doing. She had been looking at the exact spot that the one she had saw disappeared into. Strife tells her that they have a tunnel system and she walks over to the house and goes under the porch and finds the hole. Then she goes back to the sorcer’s house and calls up to the window. Rapunzel Rapunzel let down your hair, or, you know, open the front door. Ferness puts his butt out the window and flips his tail around Kit tells him that it isn’t as long as he thinks it is and to just open the front door.

Trix makes an antidote but has to take it herself because she had come in contact with the blood. She does find some more that the sorcer has and administers it to him. Ferness brings the sorcer up to his bed and then Kit and Ferness go and get the other family with the young girl and their sweets and bring them to the sorcer’s house. Strife and Trix heal both the sorcer and the daughter that was hurt.

Game # 4

After defeating the last of the little creatures with paralyzing blood. We headed back to our home base and rested up to be able to head out in the morning. Sometime in the middle of the night to early morning, Trix woke to the smell of tobacco smoke, when she peeked out of her room she saw a person sitting at a table close to the entrance with their back to the rest of the room and a puff of smoke over his head. She snuck into Kit’s room and alerted her of the intruder and then went to Strife’s room to alert him. Strife snuck all the way across the building to Ferness’s room to alert him while Trix went back into Kit’s room to come up with a plan. We planned on both sneaking up and surprising the intruder but then Ferness fell out of his hammock and made a loud noise. Trix and Kit looked out the door and saw that the intruder hadn’t moved so Kit walked up and Trix snuck up behind for protection. Ferness and Strife then came out as well. Eventually the figure spoke and it was Captain Bellatros with more information about our next mission. He says that there is a town about two hours to the east that is walled off from the rest of the world. It has historically been known for peace and an escape from the trials of the world. They had an agent who spent 6 years working to be able to enter the town (which no one is allowed to come or go from- except for a small amount of traders). He recently had heard screams from the town, and then he was not allowed back in. He sent a letter to the captain with that information and said that he was going to investigate and that he would let him know what he found. Three days later the Captain hadn’t heard back which was a lot longer then it should have taken. The Captain marked a location on the map where the agent lived which he knew was close to the town.

We set off the next morning and two days later we successfully found an almost completely over grown fancily laid brick path into the woods that the Captain had marked on our map. We walked down the path a little ways and then Trix saw a headless statue that looked like it was throwing something into the distance. Kit went into the woods in the direction that the statue seems to be throwing something and found a u-shaped piece of metal and a nicely carved stick. Kit didn’t know what it was but when she showed it to.

two bear traps

tanners kit

Magical materwork leather working tools

map of the area

some books

Game # 6

When we returned to the home base there were cleaned fish waiting on the door step and a red hankerchief hanging on a hook outside the door. Furness notices that there is smoke coming out of the fire place and lets everyone else know that there is someone there. When we come in the Furness greets the person who is there who is dressed in a red and gold set of fancy armor that is easy to tell he is part of the Order. He asks if he surprised us and if we knew about the way the house worked, we said that we knew that we were to house people from the order passing through. He aslo let us know that the hankerchief is a type of signal and different colors mean different ranks/jobs within the order. Alec Susteen was the name of the person. He also talked about the fact that he heard about the last mission that we had been on (but he had no idea that it was us that had been the lead on that mission) and he said that he was amazed with how fast that situation had been taken care of. (hidden high five to ourselves) He then asked where our vault was. We all were very confused and he then let us know that most safe houses like this are equipt with a vault and a ring system the transport things into the vault that visitors can deposit donations for their stay here. He then points out a bag and says since he couldn’t find the ring to deposit he just set the bag on the counter. We then spent the rest of the night picking his brain on how different vaults work and then planning out what we would like to do for our own vault. We figure out our plan for the next day which includes going to the near town where we helped out with the small sweet seeking monsters to get the blacksmith whose daughter we saved to make a vault and so Trix can start her magic quill to transcribing the books in the sorcer’s library with local information.

Furness and Kit went to the Blacksmith when they got to the town. They ordered a two foot deep three feet wide and 7 foot tall vault from the blacksmith it will take 160 days to complete and cost us $420 gold. The blacksmith is going to contact a locksmith that he knows for the lock mechanism which should cost us no more then $200 gold. Mean while Trix chatted with the sorcer and borrowed some books to be able to take home and transcribe. We then decided to go to the other closest town to check it out and get a few other things that we need. Furness disappears right away to go to the general store to get a chest and lock since it will be awhile before the vault is ready. Trix and Kit go to the carpenter in town to get bookselves he has four of them made so we load them into the wagon. Furness also comes back to the wagon to load the chest in as well and then we all head out to the curiosity shop which has a hodge podge of books skulls, plants and all sorts of interesting things. Trix zeros in on the books right away. She buys a bunch of journals that he had collected over the years from adventures and other people who left them behind. Then he asks if she is interested in books and when she says yes he brings out a book on rituals like embalming and other more religious things which is worth 75 gold. Trix bargins to get the other two journals that she wanted as well for the 75 gold. The book gives her +2 on research toward arcane and the dead. We also get two cure disease and two neutralize poison potions from that shop. The shop owner also has a wand of owls wisdom, keen edge, and wall of ice. The wall of ice wand he would be willing to sell for 20,000 gold or trade in other magical items that equal that. (not something that we can afford right now but something to remember for later).

Game #7

When back at home Kit starts working on setting up the training space. Trix starts putting up the bookcase and organizing the books that she has gotten, she has some difficulty. Fernus trys his hand at cooking and gets distracted by helping Trix with the books and starts a fire that Kit notices and yells down about. Ferness decides to run outside to get water because he isn’t thinking about the fact that there is water inside that he can use. While outside a man rides up barely hanging on to his horse and then falls off. Fernus checks to make sure that he is alive and then goes back inside to put out the fire that Trix had already put out. When he sees that the fire is put out he tells everyone that there is someone outside that fell off his horse. And we all go outside in time to see the traveler put a dark blue handkerchief on the peg by the door.

We bring the traveler into one of the safest bedroom and give him a cure light potion. Strife comes in and asks us what a dark blue handkerchief means. We tell him that we don’t know and that it was the wounded man in the bed that left it. Strife goes to bed so someone is well rested. Fernus keeps a look out for anyone who might be following the traveller. Trix and Kit stay with the traveler and notice that he is not getting better and in fact seems to be getting worse. So we choose to give him a neutralize potion. Fernus notices while keeping a look out that the traveller’s horse is still sitting out he tends to the horse and goes through the traveller’s stuff. He finds a signet ring and travelling gear as well as some weapons. We finally decide that we need to sleep and we wake up Strife to watch the traveller so we can sleep. When he comes in he says “you know he is dead right?”

Trix and Kit head to bed when they notice that the dark blue handkerchief actually has writing on it. It says Danger in the City of Bedar. We find on the map that Bedar is a larger city to the south east of us, a few days journey from us. We plan on sleeping and then taking a letter to the post office in the morning and burying the body.

In the morning Fernus tries to make coffee and fails miserably. Trix heads in to the post office. There isn’t anyone there but the postmaster so he sits down and talks to him and tells him about what happened. He asks if we had washed the scarf as there is sometimes a message hidden that way. He also says that he will have someone take care of the body and that we should figure out what is going on.

He also said that he was pretty sure that the traveller’s name was Jim and he had been a messenger/information gatherer/spy type person for the order.

When Trix gets home she lets everyone know what he says and washes off the scarf. It says that there is a farmstead west of Bedar where the daughters went missing and the rest of the family was torn apart.

We decide to sleep and then head out in the morning. Fernus wakes up being eaten by something. He yells out before the creature pins him. Trix hears and gets up and heads towards Fernus while yelling out for everyone else. Kit hears and gets up yelling for Strife who finally gets up. When everyone else gets to the room we realize that the thing eating Fernus is the body of the man who passed away. It takes a little bit but the group eventally defeats the thing which disintegrates almost everyone takes massive damage. After doing some research Trix figures out that the thing was a vampire. Fernus doesn’t feel good after being bit by a vampire Kit gave him a cure disease potion.

Game #8

Kit went to the postmaster to let him know what was going on while strife watched Fernus and Trix worked on doing more research on the Vampire. The postmaster says that from what he remembers the only way to

Grey cloth = specialty group and the pin two crossed swords pointing down which means that there is danger in the area. We are given that to put on the peg of the door of the local chapter when we go to investigate the Vampires.

Travel is slow and hard because Fernus throws up anything that he eats and he falls asleep during the day. He is able to keep watch at night when we sleep though.

Lord Gabriel is the guy that we met at the farmstead.

Game #9

The sun is setting and Furness is feeling much better after the disgusting thing that Victor gave him. Trix with her sense motive and her knowledge of alchemy thinks that he might have actually given him a potion that would advance his situation.

Then we all start to notice that there is an unregular thudding coming from a distance down the road. Furness climbs the roof and notices a slight amount of dust being kicked up down the road. He then notices a single rider on an abnormally fast horse coming down the drive up to the house. Strife stays outside as he approaches the man was playing the a drum as he approached and stops as he gets there and dismounts. He asks Strife where Lord Gabriel is. Strife responds in the Crimson Dawn’s language asking what he needs with him. When the visitor answers in the Crimson Dawn language Strife shows him in.

Game #10

After being back we get a message that the safe is ready. Furness is out having some alone time after his ordeal with almost becoming a vampire so everyone else decides to do their own thing. Trix goes to the old lady healer in the town to talk about not feeling well after the attacks. She doesn’t want to give anything away about what they did and what type of group they are. She makes her tea that magically heats itself and they chat. Strife and Kit decide to train. Strife helps Kit to learn to cast defensively. By the time that Trix gets back the place is a mess as Strife and Kit have been running around turning training into a game. Trix sneaks up on Strife and Kit and joins in the game by pushing Kit into the water pool in the middle of the headquarters. She goes under and gets a mouth full of water and spits it at them. Trix helps Kit out of the water and Strife tries to push them both in but fails so they throw him in. And then they both jump in after him. Furness comes in and sees them all playing in the water and sneaks in climbs up to the ceiling and cannon balls in the pool and stays under for awhile then grabs Trix and pulls her under. Finally after lots of playing everyone is finally tired enough to get out of the water. We tell Furness that the safe is done. Kit starts drying everyone off and cleaning up the mess that Strife and her made before.

Furness cooks dinner and it is not great but it is much better then the burnt crud that he had made previously.

The next morning Strife and Furness made a great breakfast and the group headed out to get the safe.

The safe doesn’t have the door attached because the locksmith had the lock sent to us and the blacksmith plans on meeting us at our place to install the door.

When we get back there are five scarves on the peg all grey for a generic wandering adventurer.

We all enter and there is a blond gentleman sitting on the bar chatting with someone else who is wearing Bronze full plate. Sitting at a table is a shirtless large black man with scars. And then there is a little girl who is probably 11 or 12 who has a large construct that is following her around as she plays off to the side with a doll.

Furness approaches the large black man and welcomes him. His name is Harash. He finds out that the blond man is the leader. Then another person walks in a gentleman in fairly good shape his name is Vega. He greets kit as she is the closest person and she welcomes him in.

The mailman comes in with multiple delieveries he said the one that we were expecting he is going to put by the wagon with the rest of the safe the other delivery is two kegs which are brought in by two more people who hang up scarves as well. Generic members, messangers.

Trix starts talking to the blond man whose name is Mel. She shows him the open rooms. And he flirts with Trix. He asks where we got the kegs and the mailman pipes up that he had gotten them for us to celebrate and it just worked out that there were more people then he thought so it can really be a party. When Trix shows Mel the rooms

Two more people come in one is a very large person that looks like the Rock and a gnoll. Trix yells from across the room that they are welcome to come in and that there are Kegs. Furness tells them that they might have to sleep on the floor but they are welcome.

When Trix asks the commander(mailman) what the party is for he says you guys. He gets up on the table and says silence in a very. Furness and Kit notice that they can no longer hear the river or any of the white noise things outside. Kit also notices that the doors seal. The mailman says that we can say whatever we would like now unless someone opens up the door.

He tells the group about what we just did and how we just got out of school. And says drinks on the order. He also tells Trix who is closest

Kit starts talking to Mel and meets the guy in bronze plate whose name is Silas. She takes up the flirting with Mel and plays off Silas getting stories out of us.

Furness starts talking to the large man and the gnoll. They tell him about the adventures that they have been on most recently. Apparently they have been hunting a werewolf. Beck and Gargol are their names.

Trix talks to the little girl who says that it is her job to keep everyone alive on Mel’s ship and that job was given to her by the king. She also asks Trix why she isn’t wearing a poofy dress like she is.

Then someone tries to open the door. The commander tells us all that he is going to see who it is he opens the door and the Blacksmith is there he says that he has a cousin in town and he can come back the next day. We give him a beer and some food. As he leaves someone comes in behind them. Kit recognizes him as Yevud the wizard that came to help finish cleaning up the lost city after the cocatrices, and she yells across the room YEVUD! Everyone else gets a little quieter. Then Kit and Furness go to talk to Yevud and Trix starts talking to Beck who tells her more about the werewolf he is hunting.

Trix starts talking to the Barefooted messanger and she gives her a package.

Kit starts talking to another group and one of the messagers says the councilor of skills is stepping down and that there will be a new one. The commander gets really upset at that and walks away. Yevud tells the story of how the

A Moth once ate a word or so it seemed

to become much more the words of wiser

for I ate a book and this I’m deamed

a reader of books and miser.

What am I?

After all talking about our dreams and inspecting the objects that we got and finding out that they are magical but something that is higher magic then we can identify. We go to the postmaster’s to talk to him and even though the closed sign is up the door is open and we catch him slightly off guard. We tell him that we all had dreams that we got physical objects from. Kit notices that there is apicture on his desk of a lady that looks like the one in her dreams. Trix also notices the picture. Furness notices that he has been crying and that he is trying to hide what is on his desk and the fact that he was crying. Kit is not very tactful and just asks who is that pointing to the picture. He says no one and puts the picture away. Kit says sorry I can tell that is a sore subject but that lady was in my dream. They each explain their dream to him. He says that he knows that Strife got a lock of nymph hair which helps him. When they get back Trix starts examining her book more and finds that it helps her on her inquisitor talents. Furness figures out

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