Order of the Crimson Dawn

To the world, the Crimson Dawn is a special Order of Powerful Knights who ride in when a city, country, or even the world is out of hope. When they arrive, the day is saved. The order has a headquarters but none are allowed in past the lobby or gathering hall. Countries, cities, organizations donate money to the Order and they are held in the Highest esteem by all. Very few Knights have been seen in action. The tales that bards tell, are the only ones remembered.

What the players know however, is that the Order is a Spiraling network. There are members of all shapes and sizes doing the orders work.

The Counsel of 5

The Counsel is made up of Five Field Marshals. The Counsel always consists of a Divine Caster, An Arcane Caster, A Warrior, A Skillsman(rogue bard etc.), And an Aristocrat. If any needs to be replaced, all the Field Marshals gather to Nominate Replacements, Debate them, and then Vote on their replacement. None are allowed to vote for themselves.

After a Decade of Service a Council member must step down and retire. Usually taking up role of Field marshal again or due to age, taking up a service, teaching, or admin role, Or simply retiring.

Field Marshal (15 only)

Field Marshals consist of the best from throughout the organization. These are the movers and shakers of the Organization. 5 of these are on the Counsel and technically are of a higher rank than the others. The 10 are spread either in the largest or Capital Cities or reside in the headquarters of the organization. Few people know that some of these men once were also Field Knights and still fill that role when needed.

Field Marshals and Field Knights are the only public face of the organization. (Besides Admin)


…Also known as Field Commanders, are stationed throughout the vast cities and give direct orders and are in charge of regions under the field Marshal. Copies of nearly all information in their territory goes through them and they are able to make final decisions. They are chosen for their leadership and decision making qualities just as much if not more than their actual in field qualities.


…Also Known as Field Captains work under the Commanders. Each commander usually is assigned one or two Captains. Captains usually are the ones getting their hands dirty and doing the brunt of the filed work that needs to be done in an “official” capacity. They relegate orders, deliver items. This is usually a trial for a few years if they do well and survive, they may be made a Commander themselves. They usually need to know and understandings of politics and local ecology, socio-economic systems as well as local organizations.


The Administration is the Support of the Organization. This chapter is usually under the direct supervision of the Arcane, Divine, and Skills Counsel Members. All of the functioning parts of the organization are run through here. All Items and inventory are tracked, their Libraries fully researched and organized, messages Delivered, Accounting exacted. None outside of the Organization even know this exists. All members are trained and taught to understand that these members are not to be viewed upon in negative light. They may not seem to do Field work, but are very capable.


The Library portion of the Administration is headed by the Arcane Counsel member. The duty of the Library is to keep the vast Library in an organized working fashion. Here members of the library do research for their field agents. The library also keeps track of any items of magic and artifacts in its museum and item vaults. Each city has a library representative hidden in its midst’s, Knowing one is harder than it looks. The library section also creates its own magical items and researches how and where to find new items. There are also teams dedicated to specific research of unknown legends and lore.


Accounting tracks expenditures, as well as donations. They also keep track of updates, rankings, awards, gifts, etc. This Sect is run by the Divine Counsel member. Finances are secretly spread throughout all of the cities to keep from ever being totally out of funding or having funding found or stolen. While Highly Unlikely, it is a precaution meant for the worst of circumstances.


Information is needed, The Counselor of Skills is in charge of this risky sect. These are the most dangerous of Administrative agents, and often are in the thick of it with any field agents. Their role is Crucial. They need to get information to and from place to place. Be it to and from field agents, or to and from different towns and cities. More often than not they travel in groups of two or three as monks, hunters, musicians, and merchants. Often field agents will ask a messenger for aid and they will if time is granted. However the delivery of communication is their first concern.

The Communication Sect also has offices where workers help to create forged documents, false information, as well as help to setup cover stories and ID’s for Field Teams, Field Members and anything new being setup in a town. Such as a new Commander, Captains office. They also have a fast understanding of geography maps and who is in charge of what territories. It is rumored within the organization that they even known where secret elven and druid territories are.

The Field

The Field is a broad term. Throughout towns, cities, villages, and in every corner of ever realm Field Agents are secretly at work. While the world sees The Powerful and Scary Knights who enter and lay waste to evil. What they don’t see is how those men become who they are. Often they are recruited, tested, and trained by the order.


Much like a military there is a hierarchy to the system in The Field. Much like the Communication and sometimes the Job Crosses Over, the spies are literally in towns listening with their ears to the ground. They are members of society; Shopkeepers, bartenders, thieves guild members, City guards, Travellers, musicians, etc. They listen for rumors, stories and events about that which interests the order, They forward this information as they can to the closest ranked officer. Captain, Commander, or Field Marshal. The information is taken and dealt with accordingly while the member keeps his eye on the event as it unfolds. Often keeping a journal for the Librarians to use if needed at any point.

On Site Teams

Just recently, the Counsel has decided that they cannot afford to always research an event, by the time the information gets looked at and looked into and a decision made, it may be too late to act. For this they have decided that they would have response teams. A Broad group of “adventurers” who will arrive and assess the situation with whomever reported the incident. They are to assess the situation and report, if they can, deal with the situation as best they can until further assistance occurs.

Field Teams

Field Teams are less expendable and more experienced groups. Built for specific tasks. The groups are rarely the same. Commanders often delegate to Captains field members needed for a specific task. The Captains send their chosen person(s) to a location to meet the other field members along with their cover story. There they will assess the information they have and deal with the situation. Usually this is the direct response team and they know what it is there are facing, or at least have an idea of the threat they were there to take care of. Sometimes these teams can even have Field Knights or another Ranking Officer within the group, and then the field Knight or Other Ranking officer will be in charge and the others are usually merely a group the Field knight has pulled together for a task.

*In light of the recent addition of On Site Teams, it may happen where a only a single expert that would normally work on a Field Team will be sent to take charge of an On Site team and fill them in on any recent updates or knowledge they may have.

Field Knight

A Field Knight answers only to members of the counsel of 5. However it is their responsibility to still aid any Field Marshal seeking aid. They do not have any official rank. However it is in poor taste to ever treat a field Knight with disrespect. They are the most experienced and dangerous members of the Order. Field Marshals and Field Knights are the only public face of the organization. (Besides Admin)

There will be times however that a Field Knight is assigned to a team. At which point he becomes the leader of that team.

Training and HQ

All members are trained offsite at one of three secret facilities. Those who prove worthy and pass their final test of truth and commitment to the Order will move on to the Headquarters for final training as well as learn the system of the organization. They will also then work in the different categories for some time in order to understand the importance of each group. This can take upwards of a year or two before being placed. There are some exceptions to these rules and some exception to the system.

Order of the Crimson Dawn

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